If you are looking for an antique piece of furniture or work of art to add to your collection or to decorate your home, then you've come to the right place. Please check our dedicated separate website: www.antique-interiors.com via the link below. We even invite you to contact us in case you consider to sell any of your valuables. In that case we can make arrangements to meet where we will judge whether what you have on offer answers to our taste and might possibly be an interesting addition to our collection.

In the unfortunate event that we won’t be able to accommodate your wishes, we can always advise you where you might yet succeed. An extensive network of both customers and suppliers, are at our disposal. We do our utmost to bring you in contact with the most appropriate party.

If you’re not confident of your own knowledge if you consider to purchase or sell a piece, we can certainly provide the necessary expertise. Whether it concerns quality, origin, material or value. You can even commission us to find what you’re looking for or a buyer for what you would like to sell.

Restauratie-atelier Tim Schoenmakers